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Donald J. Moore
Home Buyers Services

Here is how it works.  Compare our program to commissioned Realtors and we're sure you will find our new home buying service to be just the ticket!

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A Superior Buyer Agency Service 30 Years in the Making

I began offering fee-based buyer brokerage about 30 years ago under the old antitrust corrupted rules.  With the antitrust settlement in place it becomes an unassailably great service, perfect for home purchasers.  It involves the basic premise that a buyer's broker has a fiduciary obligation of loyalty to their client and as such compensation to the brokerage cannot be based on the price of the property purchased or the commission offered.  To this end, we charge $3,500 to assist the buyer client in the purchase of their property of interest.  The cost is split into two components: 

  1. $1,000 to write the offer.

  2. $2,500 to bring the sale to closing.

There are charges for some additional services if requested but for the majority of transactions, $3,500 is the fee.  $1,000 is paid for preparation of the offer. It includes a Certified Appraisal so there's no question with your pricing. Once the offer is accepted, $2,500 is paid to complete the inspections and contingencies.  If the offer is not accepted there are no additional fees besides the initial $1,000.  So, it’s a two-step payment process.  Our compensation is not contingent on the outcome of any part of the process.  Our duty of loyalty to our buyer client, is primary.

We are retained once the buyer client selects a property they are interested in purchasing.  We can assist in the locating properties for sale, such as entering the client into the MLS database and other home seller platforms but that's an additional fee. If the client finds the house on their own, that's fine. The required Buyer Agency agreement is signed prior to the provision of buyer agency services and is based on a specific property of interest. It is exclusive for us, meaning we can assist only the client with the purchase of the property but non-exclusive for the client. They can use any other broker or agent they want at any time.  Understand though, we do not show or sell houses.  Buyer’s brokers should never inspect a property where their client is not going to submit an offer.   There are plenty of people available to show the property, they are the listing agents, working on behalf of the seller and they are paid to show and sell houses.  Our duty is to represent our buyer clients' interests in the transaction and negotiate on their behalf. 

In Wisconsin we have a duty to complete a due diligent inspection of the property which we do in conjunction with the Appraisal Contingency in the WB-11 Offer to Purchase.  As a Wisconsin Certified General Appraiser and a licensed real estate broker, I have a significant advantage over my commission-based Realtor® competition in that since I am being paid on a fee basis, I am able to renegotiate the offer after acceptance based on my appraisal.  The vast majority of Realtors® cannot do this.  Not only are they not certified appraisers but they are almost all paid on commission and any valuation they provide is not compliant with state and federal appraisal standards and not legitimate. There are many other beneficial aspects to the negotiations that I offer, such as Precision Pricing, but suffice to say I’ve been doing this a long time, know the ins and outs of the transaction and have a level of expertise that typical commission-based Realtors can only dream about.

Our offers have no seller concessions to pay the buyer agent and the pricing is so precise that it nets out higher to the seller than all the other offers submitted by buyers with commission-based Realtor buyer agents.  It’s almost guaranteed that our offer will be accepted.   If it is not accepted the fee is $1,000 and there are no additional payments.  If it is accepted, we charge $2,500 to move forward with the inspections, appraisals, and completion of the contingencies.  We shepherd the transaction to closing.  We visit the property only once.  The listing agent is responsible for access to the property.  

During renegotiations we can ask for seller concessions to cover the cost of buyer agency services but since our fees are so low in comparison to 2.5% to 3.5% buy-side commissions, it's not a deal breaker if the seller balks.  We can make their decision to pay the concessions easy for them though.  Contact me directly and I'll explain Precision Pricing and "The Kicker!"

Contact Donald J. Moore Home Buyer Services from HOUSES100, LLC        today and get ready to get the house you want at the best possible price!
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