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Donald J. Moore
Real Estate Appraiser and Broker

I have been an independent real estate expert for nearly 40 years.  If you want an advantage in purchasing a home, my buyer agency services are without peer.  My fees are structured to your benefit. My negotiation skills are unmatched and even a bit unfair. Contact me to find out more.


As an independent real estate broker for over 30 years, I am a pioneer of fee-based real estate services. Fee-based buyer agency services will give you an incredible advantage on every other home buyer.  We are successful because our fees are so much less than commission-based agents. Why? Because we don't waste time and we're highly efficient. We don't show or sell houses.  That's for the listing agents.  But if you want someone to represent your interests in the transaction and negotiate on your behalf, we are by far the best real estate professional in the SE Wisconsin market.

The current  market often requires home buyers compete with several other offers at a time and the odds are stacked against them.  Our new program puts a home buyer's offer at the top of the stack but also saves them thousands on the price of the home.  It sounds contradictory but we use Precision Pricing to get the house they want for thousands less. 

If you are a home buyer or know of home buyers that are tired of losing out on properties or have backed off buying because of the competition, get in touch with us and we'll explain how Precision Pricing works, no obligation.

Houses100, LLC is the exclusive provider of "AI2 Renovations" the only real estate brokerage service that allows the seller to participate in flipping their own property. The seller of a house that may be dated or needs maintenance is no longer essentially forced to sell their house to a home re-seller company.  Our AI2 Renovations allows the seller to participate in the profits from the upgrades to their own house.   Contact me today to learn about how this unique service may be just what you are looking for in the sale of your real estate.

I am a graduate of the Real Estate Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. My major professor was Dr. James A. Graaskamp, a visionary in real estate appraisal and urban land economics.  Dr. Graaskamp instilled in me his notion to "Always do the right thing. There's plenty of money to be made, doing the right thing." I have tried to uphold a strong sense of ethics and professionalism in my appraisal practice. My valuations are detailed, supportable and innovative.  Contact me to learn more about how an experienced professional appraiser can help 

I am advocating for a Tenant's Right of First Refusal as an anti-poverty measure that uses a market-based solution to the problem of inner city poverty.  The Right of First Refusal otherwise known as a "Right to Match" could be one component to stabilize neighborhoods and bring opportunity to people who are already invested in their community.

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