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What is "Precision Pricing?"

Precision Pricing in real estate is based on three critical components:




Our home buyer clients know as much or more about the for-sale property and its value as any party to the transaction - including the sellers!

  • Our buyers know the value of the property BEFORE they start bidding.

  • Bidding and offer strategies are based on VALUE.

  • Every option is on the table when it comes to negotiation - contingencies, disclosures, and inspections.

  • Our clients' specific knowledge of their market allows them to have a stronger base for negotiations.

  • Although our expertise and experience allows us to provide unique and effective services, we have one more proprietary feature of the service called "THE KICKER." 

  • Contact us to learn about the advantage we have with Precision Pricing! 

Precision Pricing puts the buyer in the driver's seat and knowledge is power when it comes to real estate negotiations!

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