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Real Estate Appraisal Services

We provide valuation services of the highest quality. 

Our appraisal reports are the most detailed, accurate

and well-supported available.

Some of the superior features in my appraisals

are captured in the sample below.

All forms are filled out fully for ease of access to information and report reading

Detailed analysis of contract and financial assistance

Detailed analysis of listing history

Detailed Neighborhood analysis

Site Description always includes a Plat Map Addendum

Current and supported Market Conditions section 

Site Description includes a Flood Zone map addendum

Sales Comparison always includes minimum of five sales

Sales Comparison adjustments are appropriate and consistent 

We always analyze the range of value indicated by the sales

Very detailed Comparable data included in the sales comparison grid

We always research the prior sales of subject and comps

We always include a building sketch with detailed interior display

Measured to ANSI Standards with square footage calculations (not shown)

Comparables selected are always similar style and the most proximate

We always include the Original Asking Price as well as Quality and Condition modifiers for clarity 

We always include a link to MLS listing data for the sales we include in our analysis

If you have questions about the comparables selected, the MLS listing link gives you photos and add'l data

We always include the Market Conditions addendum and analyze current competitive listings

We always include a link to MLS listing data for the competitive listings as well as a PDF short display and a map in the addendum. 

Forms are filled out. We do not make you refer to addenda for basic information.

Very detailed and appropriately labeled interior and exterior subject photos.  

We always include original photos we personally took of the sales used in our analysis. No MLS photo is ever included as an original photo.

We always include the cost approach. 

We always include current assessment data.

We always include a current Market Overview for support 

Improvement Description is detailed and accurate

MLS listing information is always linked if available and current

These are just some of the innovative features of our appraisals.  Best of all is our experience, independence and reliability which allows you superior confidence when making a decision about your real estate issue.

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