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On April 9th, 2022, approximately 9:15 pm, I am traveling west by car on Highway 36 outside Burlington WI to see a Bluegrass show in Lake Como...

Near Lyons Town Hall where STH 36 turns south, I see something flash in the sky directly above me..

I see a fireball moving at an incredible speed.  I estimate it's going 40,000 mph. It passes over my car.  I think 3 things:

1. What is that?

2. I shouldn't be seeing this!

3. It's gonna crash!

This is what I see in that shortest of split seconds before the road turns south and away from the path of the object.  It doesn't crash.  It was a few thousand feet up and about the size of a bus.

Ha Ha Ha!  The Men in Black are going to come visit me and tell me to look at this chrome rod.  

Just one of those weird things I guess...

Then on March 16th, 2023, someone posts a screen capture of Fox6 Wake-up News to Facebook from the day before. At the 8.0 second market to the 11.0 second mark a fireball is observable moving from east to west across the screen.  The Marquette Interchange camera is pointed south, the same direction as my observation in Burlington the year before.  

Rob Haswell the Meteorologist tells me it's a seagull. That's no seagull. Meteorologist can't even tell a meteor when he sees one. That's Fox News for you...

These are two enlarged screen captures of the object taken from the video after the object passes behind the weather graphic...

I drew this from memory at the time of the first incident in April of 2022.  You tell me that's not the same thing.

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