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Home Seller Services

Our Home Seller service is an exclusive program called AI2 Renovations.

"AI2" stands for “As Is, As Improved” and allows home sellers to “Flip Your Own House”  and participate in the profits 

In real estate appraisal methodology properties have two essential values: “As Is” Value – what the market will pay for the house in its present condition and “As Improved” Value – what the market will pay for the property in the future after completion of a set of proposed improvements and upgrades.

When improvements and upgrades are properly completed, there can be a significant difference between the “As Is” value and the “As Improved” value.  Often, property upgrades can provide a 100% return or more on the cost of the improvements.  Other improvements may contribute less to profitability but are necessary for marketability, meaning they may not add much to value but without them buyers are hesitant to buy at any price. “House Flippers” make a significant profit by purchasing the house below market value, in its present condition, fixing it up and re-selling at a much higher price. HOUSES100,LLC has developed this program which allows the homeowner/seller the opportunity to share in the profits of the sale of the upgraded house without having to sell at below market prices to a house flipper.

Contact us today to learn how you can gain tens of thousands of dollars on the sale of your house with the "AI2 Renovations" service!

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